Visit to guns lane and surrounding area

Been up to guns lane three times this for about 7 hours or more this week loads of wild life if you keep you eyes open.

Come across some nice butterflies a few dragonflies and birds, about half a mile down the lane spotted a kestrel hovering bit far away so tried to find a way into the field it was in, eventually got in to that field got within 100 meters then it decided to move to next field but i was not game to go to next field.

On monday 1st went back to take more pictures still got lots to learn about my new camera, I decided to look in field where i see kestrel few days before and it was there, so quick rush to field it stayed in field then decided to fly off.

I decided to park my self in field not to far from where it was hovering and have a drink and sausage roll and wait,  did not have long about ten minutes later it was back and 75 meters from me i got a few pictures of it hovering then diving down for the kill would have liked to be closer and I am sure I will.

I will be back this week sometime.

One more thing i wish dog walkers would pick up their dogs doings there was lots of fresh last night your dog take home what it leaves on the floor in a bag and don’t throw it in a bush in a bag which a lot seem to do.

Take a look at some photos from my week up there, There is also a lot more on my flickr site.

P.S. don’t you just love spell checkers my spelling can be crap 🙂



Welcome to my blog, This blog will be more of just showing my photos which will be of motor sports and wildlife mostly, I hope you like them.

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